Custom Jerseys Fast In The Cayman Islands

You’re finally ready to order custom jerseys for your team but your season starts soon. Now what? Don’t worry, we completely understand your dilemma and we’re here to help.

Normal delivery time for our customized uniforms is pretty fast by industry standards, taking only 3 to 4 weeks from the time you place your order to the time you receive your jerseys. If that’s not quite fast enough or if you’re cutting it close, here are some tips about the jersey printing and shipping process that might help.

Naturally, any product with the word “custom” in its name is going to take some time to produce, but not all jerseys are created equal.

As you can imagine, sweaters with sewn on logos and numbers take the longest to produce for many reasons, including the time involved with preparing the logo artwork for printing, cutting and printing of the twill crests, numbers, and nameplates, then the time-consuming process of applying and sewing all of the aforementioned customization to the jerseys. Jersey uniforms that receive sewn decoration are typically ready to ship in approximately 3 weeks in off season (December thru July), and take about 4 weeks during peak production times (August thru November).

On the other hand, screen printed jerseys take a little less time to create. Instead of tediously stitching the customization on to the uniforms, the custom logo designs, jerseys numbers, and player names are applied to the jerseys via ink forced through a mesh screen in a single pass and then quickly dried in a special oven, with the whole process taking only a matter of minutes. Jersey uniforms that receive screen printed customization are usually completed and ready to ship about a week sooner compared to the sewn options, taking approximately 2 weeks for completion during our slower times of the year (December thru July) and 3 weeks during our busiest jersey building times (August thru November).

If your timeline is tight using either of the sewn or screened jersey printing methods described above, you can also select the express shipping option for your order during the checkout process, which will shave anywhere from a few days up to one week off the scheduled delivery of your personalized uniforms.

For teams who needed their jerseys yesterday and requiring the fastest delivery option of all, we recommend purchasing the blank uniforms from us and having a local printer or pro shop quickly customize your jerseys. All of the styles shown here are available as blanks and typically ship the next business day after your order is placed, with delivery to much of the Contiguous U.S. in just 2 to 3 business days. And if that’s not fast enough, you can also select express shipping for your blank jerseys and receive the very next day if you get your order in early enough.

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