Tips For Selecting A Material For Your T-Shirt Printing

There is no better way of putting a message across than printing it on fabric, preferably a t-shirt. Everyone wears a t-shirt for any occasion from a formal charity function to the favourite team’s game. A t-shirt printing company Singapore will also choose the fabric to use depending on the person wearing it and the occasion. For example, you should consider going for polyester printed t-shirts if you intend to give them to your local football team while you would go for a cotton tee for your company’s branding.

Colours and graphics on a t-shirt are the first thing that everyone sees. However, every buyer will always touch a garment to feel its fabric. The finer it is, the better the quality. Therefore, getting the right material for your printed t-shirts is key to leaving a lasting impression on your audience. There are different materials to choose from when selecting the ideal t-shirt for printing but the most popular ones include cotton, polyester, spandex, rayon, a double or a triple blend. Each of these materials has unique features ranging from their feel to their ink absorption properties. This guide will take you through the steps to follow when choosing the ideal material for your blank t-shirts.

Performance Features

This is the first factor that every t-shirt printing company in Singapore will look at before selecting a blank t-shirt. If you intend to sell your printed t-shirts in a high-end boutique, then you should go for t-shirts made of a material with a soft and crisp feel. Lightweight fabrics with an excellent drape and moisture wicking abilities would be ideal for people engaging in a strenuous exercise or outdoor activities.

The Printing Methods Used

There are four popular methods used by most t-shirts printing companies in Singapore which include embroidery, screen printing, direct to garment, and sublimation. You do not have to worry about the fabric if you are using screen-printing but other methods like embroidery require a sturdy material like cotton. Sublimation is a perfect method for printing entire polyester t-shirts. The direct-to-garment process may be difficult to use on coloured fabrics that are not 100% cotton, but it will be ideal for white tees of any fabric.

Target Audience

A 100% cotton t-shirt is more expensive than other materials you will find in most shops. This means that some parents may opt to buy a t-shirt made of a cheaper material for their child attending a one-time event rather than going for the 100% cotton. Additionally, some people may prefer one material to others. Cotton v-shaped t-shirts are very popular with women while school going children and teenagers would not have a problem wearing light t-shirt made of a synthetic material. Younger kids have very sensitive skins making cotton t-shirts a perfect choice for them.

Your Budget

A t-shirt printing company in Singapore will determine their overall cost of printing depending on the price of blank t-shirts and the printing process involved. This means that they have to get a blank at a considerable amount before raising its value after printing. Clothing made of natural fabric will be slightly expensive than ones made from a synthetic material. Therefore, you may consider looking at these options before selecting one particular t-shirt.


Printed t-shirts are growing in popularity in Singapore with most companies giving them as promotional gifts, event souvenirs, or employee’s uniforms. Remember that the material you choose for your printing determines the value, quality, and the impression you leave, so you have to be extra careful while selecting one.

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